Tilen Lebar


Exploration & Development

Bijna samenhangend

I found out that the flow of my ideas got determined by the flux and length of my breath. That’s why I learnt to master circular breath. When circular breath takes over your mental processing, you don't get interrupted by the physical need to breathe. Freed from this primal need, I've utilized my saxophone for a frenzy of musical explorations. Resulting in a compelling musical vocabulary that allows me to talk to you, and sure thing, to myself.
Long breath, long phrase, long flow, long focus, long life, long experience, long persistence and long last.

As a saxophonist I am dedicated to various preparations of my instrument. This enables the so-called alienation of the saxophone itself. The thorough investigation of the extended techniques made me realise that the sound synthesis, which occasionally refers to extra-contextual associations (e.g. metal saw, synthetic sound, etc.) can be controlled through the technical possibilities of the instrument.

My perception of saxophone relates to an object of knowledge that is defined by constant evolvement, active participation in the field of experimental and improvised music scene, development of an inner vocabulary and transmission within realisation of the most abstract thoughts into its tangible sonic representation.

I do offer an extensive overview of my personal approach towards the saxophones playing techniques to various students, teachers, composers, etc. I do offer masterclasses, lectures and workshops, where we can look into the most recent contemporary techniques, works and sounds within the contemporary, experimental and improvised music scene worldwide.